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Stolnaya "Special"


Stolnaya is one of the earliest and best known brands of alcoholic products factory "OST-Alco". The assortment range presented vodka and tinctures sweet and bitter. Made of unique recipes based on folk traditions and the latest research, brand "Stolnaya" is the difference between a wonderful flavor and repeal quality. Only natural ingredients used to distil this vodka.

"Stolnaya" is poured into shtof type of bottle - in the recent past, a widespread form of vodka bottles in Russia . This is a tribute to Russian history.

Classic Russian vodka.For the production of vodka "Stolnaya Special" used water from artesian wells, alcohol from selected varieties of Russian wheat and flavored alcohol marmalade.

Modern production methods in combination with the foremost equipment

Sells in the bottles sizes: 0.25; 0.5; 0.7; 1.0 L
40% Alc. by Vol.
80 Proof
Grand Prix competition «Best Food Products». Russian         Agricultural   Exhibition, Moscow
Gold Medal, «Russian Foods», Moscow
Gold Medal, «70 years of Moscow Region», Moscow
Gold Medal, «Drinks and food technologies», Moscow
Gold Medal, WORLD FOOD, Moscow
Gold Medal, the St. Petersburg show wine and vodka
Gold Medal, «Wine. Vodka. Табак».Tobacco », Sochi
Silver medal, «Interdrink», Moscow
Silver medal, «Prodexpo», Moscow
Bronze Medal, 3rd All-Russian competition show vodka and liquor-vodka products, Moscow
Bronze Medal, «Russian Agricultural week», Moscow
Honorary degree «Moscow Quality»