Easy ways to make vodka in the world

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Vodka is typically produced from grains such as rye, barley and corn. If you want to make your own, start by selecting these ingredients. Next, add water and distil at relatively low temperatures until the desired concentration is reached. This way, the taste won’t overpower the other flavour profiles in the mix. Vodka also takes longer to mature than wine or beer, which makes it perfect for entertaining. Let’s see below   some of the interesting easy ways to make vodka in the world.

how to make vodka
how to make vodka


 Homemade Distillation Method

Make Your Own Home Bar Distillery: The homemade method is a very simple process that consists of filling up a container with an alcoholic beverage (in this case, wine), covering it with cheesecloth and placing it in the sun to dry. Once completely dried out, take off the cheesecloth and voila! You have homemade vodka.

Wine-Making Method

Use a Wine Maker: A winemaker is like having one less step when making homemade wine. It is essentially an appliance designed to combine crushed grapes (you load them in yourself) with yeast, sugar, water and climate-controlled temperature to produce alcohol-rich red or white wine. These appliances vary greatly depending on how much money you are willing to spend but they do range between $100 and thousands. They usually provide decent-quality vodka but can be temperamental unless used correctly.

Rum-Making Method

Apple Cider Still – Distill Alcohol From Apples: Many people use their home distilling equipment to not only create flavored vodkas and rums but also fermented apple cider. With this type of still project, you begin with raw apples and barrels. You then need to build a frame around two or more perforated barrels and place an airlock barrel stopper. In addition, you will need to fill the space between the apples and the first barrel with a cotton cloth. To get started, simply put all the materials into the second barrel and top both bottles with the cloth. The air between the barrels allows carbon dioxide to escape while ethanol gas fills the area. After about 10 days, you should have a strong apple flavour in the cider. Just strain it and drink.

Beer-Making Method for vodka

Sun Drying Method – Traditional Stone Distilleries: There are many types of stills available for sale today. One of the most popular is a traditional stone still. Typically made using copper, these devices work by heating water inside a large kettle and slowly condensing the steam into vapour. As the vapour continues to move upward through the still, it becomes saturated with alcohol and travels through tubes where it drips down to a collection bottle. Because each batch produces slightly different results, there is no single right way to brew great beer. However, some set methods always lead to good beer production.

Fruit Juice or Concentrate Mixing Process Method

Make Homemade Flavored Spirits: Nowadays there are numerous flavouring kits available which allow you to create various flavours including fruit juices and concentrates. To make our spirits, we will need fresh fruits, citrus peel, a high-quality alcohol-denatured, distilled spirit and flavouring extracts. First, we will need to prepare the fruit juice or concentrate by peeling the outer layer of skin from the fruit and cutting away any unwanted pieces. Then, squeeze the fruit in a juicer to extract as much juice as possible. Finally, add concentrated juice or concentrate to your preferred beverage.

Home vodka BrewingMethod

Craft Your Wine at Home: Homebrewing has been around since the early civilizations. Early recipes included ingredients such as honey, herbs, berries or even animal droppings. Today’s homebrewers must follow a few guidelines similar to those followed in ancient times. Some basic supplies for starting a home brewing hobby include a recipe book, a hydrometer, calendar, scales, bottles, sanitizing solution, funnel, corkscrew, oven mitts, rubber gloves, glass jars, ruler, magnetic stir stick, thermometer, straining bag/bagless coffee filter, airlock canning jar lids, spoons, spatula, hot water bath, etc. If done correctly, home-brewed wine will be safe (if stored properly), flavorful and very affordable.

Making Sour Beers Using Cultures

When making sour beers like lambics or gueuzes, brewers often make starters or cultures ahead of time. They may do this because they find them easier to manage than wild yeasts. Or they may choose to do so because they want to control the process better, raise specific quantities of particular yeast strains, or simply due to patience, experience and confidence!

In conclusion, homemade alcoholic beverages are easy to make for beginners and can take on many forms according to personal preferences. Do what feels comfortable and tastes best to you!

Easy ways to make vodka in the world