A lot of people consume wine without realizing that there are some faults or problems that arise due to too much consumption.  Most faults that are found in wines make it taste bad. The wines may develop ailments that will shorten their production. Therefore, in this article, you are going to know some faults that are found in wines.

Oxidized wine

This is one of the common wine faults whereby the wine comes in contact with oxygen. You can tell if the wine has been oxidized by its color that will start to change. The Brown orange color will be noticed in red wines and the white wines will darken.  Mostly, white wines are at huge risk than red wines because they have high levels of tannins which reduces the amount of direct contact.

There is a Corked Smell

Moreover, this is another wine fault. When the wine is corked, it means that it has been contaminated with cork taint. Corked wine may be still safe to consume but more of its bottles will have a bad smell. The flavor becomes tasteless with no fruity notes.


This is another wine fault that is caused by yeast.  This causes the wine to smell like a wet dog. The problem develops when the wine has been stored in infected barrels at the winery. The yeast can add a nice savory flavor but the difficulty rises when the yeast levels get high, therefore, ruining the flavor of the wine.

Volatile Acidity

Many wines have an acidic taste but if the wine smells like vinegar after opening it then you know that something is wrong.  Some wines are made with extra acid and they do not taste vinegary.  If the wine tastes vinegary, then you will know that there are too many bacteria in the wine.

Secondary Fermentation

If your wine does not have any bubbles especially red wines, then the wine is re-fermented. This happens when the wine is accidentally bottled up.


The name is given to the wines that are damaged by radiation. If the bottle has been stored in a place where there is direct contact with the sun, the taste becomes terrible.

Bacteria Taint

If many bacterias get into the wine, it will go bad. The wine will start tasting like medicine or vinegar. The flavor of the wine will fade away because of the bacterias.

Heat Damage

In addition, if the wine smells like jam, it means that it has been affected by heat. The wines that are damaged by heat will become sweeter. The heat causes damage to the seal of the bottle.

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