Vodka is known for its ability to blend anything and this makes it the best drink to have in your homestead. The spirit can be seen as a source of medicine. The drink has got many health benefits which include relieving stress, being used as a product for the skin, reducing the risk of having diabetes, and also contributes to hygiene. Therefore, if you are someone who loves vodka, here are the cocktail recipes you can try at home.


This drink is made with vodka or gin. Vodka gives the cocktail a smoother taste. The ingredient added to this cocktail is vermouth which adds flavor and an amazing aroma. When mixing the cocktail, you must put ice in the glass and then stir it.  You then use a lemon twist to garnish.


This is another cocktail that you can make at home and it is sweet to taste. It is easy to make and mix. When making the cocktail, you have to mix the vodka and apple juice into an ice-filled shaker. You should shake the mixture till it becomes cold enough.

Vodka Tonic

Vodka tonic is a cocktail drink that is mild and equally refreshing. The cocktail is mixed with vodka and tonic water. It gives the drink a good flavor and is also the easiest cocktail to make. When making the cocktail, you mix the ingredients and then add a lime wedge garnish for it to have a better taste.


The screwdriver cocktail is simple to make and it is refreshing as well. It is one of the amazing vodka cocktails to have for those horrible hungover mornings. A slice of fresh orange can be added to the drink to have a better taste.


The cocktail is made by adding three orange slices with a tablespoon of sugar and then add four tablespoons of vodka.  You should ice into the glass then shake to properly mix the ingredients.

Lemon Drop

The lemon drop cocktail is a bit sweet and a bit sour as well. The ingredients of this cocktail include citrus vodka, fresh lemon juice that is squeezed and lemon peel. After adding the ingredients, you then have to put ice in the cocktail shaker and shake well till it becomes cold.

Moscow Mule

Furthermore, this cocktail is also simple to make. The ingredients needed to make this cocktail include vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.  You have to add ice to the cocktail then mix well with its ingredients to produce an amazing taste.

In conclusion, these are some of the vodka cocktails to try at home. You can drink your cocktail either when you’re watching movies, or playing online casino games.